January 11, 1999
Mex Fender Strat
serial MN8282687

This professional guitar is in excellent condition.

Your guitar was made at the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico in 1998 - 1999
Production Number: 282687

Inside of the Pickguard is the date when it was made, "11 Ene. 1999", for those who don't speak Spanish, Ene. is an abreviation of Enero, (January in Spanish).
All parts are original.
Giannini Pro Strings with Intonation for 9~42.
We made a full Pro Setup, Electronics cleaning.
All Frets were leveled, re-crowned, dressed and polished.
Pickup impedances are 6.63 - 6.62 - 6.63
positions 2 & 4 are 3.38
Later here some audio samples.
Call for price or give us an offer.